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Ellie [userpic]

Her Biography

February 13th, 1995 (12:29 pm)

Crying Angel's Biography

Ellie Danielle Granger was born in California and still is here to this day. She's been writing since she was a girl and it's basically in her blood. Her mother was really good at creative writing and the trait must've been passed down to Ellie. She currently resides in California with her parents, little sister, and pets. She's always writing constantly and trying to survive the 7th grade.

Fun Facts

--She Married Hermione Granger on November 15, 2005 and they are quite happy
--She is a die-hard Lindsay Lohan fan and Lindsay is her anti-drug/idol
--She is a die-hard Harry Potter fan

She Likes/Loves
Hermione Granger. Lindsay Lohan. Pocahontas. Beauty and the Beast. Phantom of the Opera. Harry Potter. Barbie dolls. The color pink. Emmy Rossum. Gerry Butler. Disney. R&B. The internet. Google. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book. Meg Cabot. Princess Diaries. Mediator series. The Notebook. Frankie Muniz. Cheaper By the Dozen (2003). Chicken Little (2004). Musicals. Audrey Hepburn. Aquarius. My Birthday. Tiaras. Sunsets. California. Jimmy Neutron. Mariah Carey. VH1. MTV. HBO. Starz. Charlie Brown.

She Strongly Dislikes
Hilary Duff. Pokemon. Digimon. Playhouse Disney. Paris Hilton. Spoiled and snobby brats. Lindsay Lohan haters.


Top Picture: tulips @ mothicons
Picture from Ellie link: _luvme_
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Picture from "happy" link: mrsnelson
Picture from the anti-drug link: goslilgift @ tikagraphics