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Ellie [userpic]

Friends Only

October 24th, 2020 (06:54 pm)

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Yes, this journal is friends only. I used to be raincandy_x3 & bratzprincess. I rant about my sucky life (no, I am not emo, no offense to any emo people out there, I love you all, really) and I cuss a lot so please leave if you don't want to read about it. My current obsessions are Harry Potter, Lindsay Lohan, Beauty & the Beast, Disney, and Barbie so please leave if you don't like any of the following. *puts on most fake smile in the world* :)

1. Add me first.
2. I will add you back as soon as I can.
3. Comment my LJ at least once a month if you can and I will comment yours back in return.
4. Be nice and respectful.
5. Promote a community to me (ANY kind of community) I will mark it as spam!

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Ellie [userpic]

New Rating Community

February 17th, 2006 (03:29 pm)

I just made a new Disney animated rating community called disney_rate and I wanted to know if any you guys wanted to join. If you do, tell me. And I need about three more mods to help me with stuff. Thankies!

Ellie [userpic]


December 25th, 2005 (11:47 am)


Ellie & Hermione Granger

Ellie [userpic]

My Extra Stuff

November 1st, 1995 (05:47 pm)

Some extra stuffCollapse )

Ellie [userpic]

Claims, LJ Crews, and Stamps

February 27th, 1995 (03:00 pm)

Claims, LJ Crews, and StampsCollapse )

Ellie [userpic]

Community Buttons

February 23rd, 1995 (04:24 pm)

buttonsCollapse )

Ellie [userpic]

Her Biography

February 13th, 1995 (12:29 pm)

biographyCollapse )

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